Police in Schools

Schools are responsible for students during school hours which includes protecting each student's constitutional rights, assuring due process in questioning and arrest, and protecting students from any form of illegal coercion.

When police are investigating possible criminal acts which occurred, or may have occurred, on school property, or while under the jurisdiction of the school district, they may question students at school when the following procedures are observed:

1.  Students will be questioned as confidentially and inconspicuously as possible.

2.  An attempt will be made to notify the student's parents so that they may be present during the questioning.  The school principal, or his/her designee, will be present.

3.  Preferably, the officer doing the questioning will wear civilian clothes.

When investigating a possible criminal violation occurring off school grounds or not part of a school program.  Police will be encouraged to question students in their homes; however, they may be permitted to question students in the schools when the procedures outlined in 1-3 above are observed.

(cf. 1411 - Law Enforcement Agencies)

Policy adopted:  July 21, 2003