Work Permits

All minors under the age of 18 years old, except in limited circumstances defined by law, employed in Connecticut must have a Certificate of Age Form ED-301, also called "Working Papers."

Student In-School Employment.  Part-time school jobs shall be open to students ages fifteen and over in keeping with their abilities and needs of the school for student help.

Student After-School Employment.  If students need to work while attending school, guidance personnel shall make efforts to help them obtain employment.  However, they shall be cautioned against assuming work commitments that will interfere with their studies and achievements in school.  Students must be sixteen years of age or older to work in any "manufacturing, mechanical, theatrical, industry, restaurant, public dining room, bowling alley or barber shop."  Students must be fifteen years of age or older to work in any "mercantile-establishment."  Students must be fourteen years of age or older to work at any municipal or private golf course.

Working Papers for Minors.  Minors (15-18) receive employment certificates from the Superintendent of Schools or his designated agent in the town or city in which they live.  The High School Principal is the designated agent in the district.  Working papers are processed after school hours during school days and from 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon during the summer and school vacations. The high school issues working papers only to resident students in the town.  If a Connecticut resident secures employment in another state, that state issues the papers.  If a resident of another state works in Connecticut, that person may obtain the Connecticut certificate with the "promise to work" paper and proof of residency.

Evidence of Age. Applicants must appear in person, have evidence of age, and a written promise of employment.  Satisfactory evidence of age can be shown by:  Birth Certificates, Driver's Licenses, Baptismal Certificates, Service I.D.'s and (as a last resort) Information on School District Cumulative Records.

Written Promise of Employment.  The written promise of employment is issued by the employer to the minor. It must include the job title, duties, hourly wages, the hours the minor will work and the employer's signature.  This form should be examined very carefully and if any changes or alterations appear, they should be verified with the employer.  A state "promise of employment" form is generally used, but a written promise of employment on letterhead paper or regular stationery from an employer is acceptable.

Working Papers.  Working papers are made out in triplicate.  Once copy for the minor, one copy for the employer, and the original for school files.  It should be signed, not typed, in the appropriate place by issuing officer.  Records may be destroyed when the minor reaches 18 years of age.

Legal Reference:  Connecticut General Statutes

10-193(a) Certificate of age of minors in certain occupations

10-194 Penalty

10-195 Evidence of age

10-197 Penalty for employment under fourteen

10-198 False statement as to age

Policy adopted: