Computer Literacy

The Board recognizes that our nation is moving from an industrial society to an informational society.  An integral part of that society is what is now new technology.  We believe that computers, video and other technological advances need to become part of the educational program for students in our schools and for adults in our community education programs.

Both computer technology and video technology can enhance the educational process.  They are applicable across grade levels and can be used in every curriculum area.  However, the study of technological advances and the various applications are only a part of the educational program.  Technology is not an end in itself, but a means to an end.  The focus must be on what is best for the student and how best to meet the student's educational needs.

The district will provide opportunities for students to go beyond the state of awareness of these technologies to a state of direct application.  To accomplish this the Board is committed to provide in-service training for teachers and the necessary personnel and equipment within its available resources.

The development and updating of the technology plan will be carried out by the Board with the involvement of the administration, staff, community-parent advisory committees and students.

Policy adopted:  February 2, 2004