Community Relations

Otherwise Lawful Possession of Firearms on School Property

Notwithstanding the otherwise lawful possession of firearms defined in section 53a 3 in or on the real property comprising school district property by persons who hold a valid state or local permit to carry a firearm and would otherwise legally traverse school property with an unloaded firearm for the purpose of gaining access to public or private lands open to hunting or for other lawful purposes, such entry onto school property by these persons for these purposes is prohibited by the Board of Education.

The issuance of a permit to carry a pistol or revolver does not authorize the possession or carrying of a pistol or revolver on school district property. The Board of Education prohibits such possession on school district property.

The Board of Education may employ or enter into an agreement for public school security services with a firearm, as defined in state law, only with a sworn member of a local police department or a retired state or local policy officer, or retired federal law enforcement agents and retired police officers from an out-of-state police department.

A motor vehicle inspector, designated under section C.G.S. 14-8 and certified pursuant to C.G.S. 7-294d, while engaged in the performance of such motor vehicle inspector's official duties may carry weapons on school grounds, effective October 1, 2016.

Students are prohibited by the Board of Education from possessing firearms for any reason, whether otherwise lawful or not, in or on the real property comprising the public or private elementary or secondary school or at a school sponsored activity as defined in subsection (h) of section 10 233a.

Optional if the Board wants to permit possession of a weapon at a school-sponsored activity:

The Board allows the lawful possession of a firearm or deadly weapon at a school-sponsored activity held on school property or elsewhere when such possession is deemed a critical part of the activity, such as at a school-sponsored rifle club.  Such possession must be strictly regulated and appropriately supervised by school personnel at the activity.  The manner in which the firearm or deadly weapon is brought to and from the activity must insure that the weapon or dangerous instrument is not carried on school busses or available to students at any time other than during the approved activity.

(cf. 5114 - Suspension/Expulsion/Exclusion/Removal)

Legal Reference:  Connecticut General Statutes

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Legal Reference:  Connecticut General Statutes

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53a-217b Possession of a weapon on school grounds: Class D felony. (as amended by PA 16-55)

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