Community Relations

Community Engagement

The purpose of community engagement is to create a collaborative environment in which students, parents/guardians, families, residents, businesses and community organizations are encouraged and invited to be involved stakeholders in the school community. Such engagement strengthens broad-based community support for the District's mission, goals, operations and educational programs.

Community engagement is defined as an ongoing collaborative process in which the District works with the public to build understanding, guidance, and active support for the education of students in the community.

Therefore, the Board of Education endorses the concept that community engagement is essential for the District and the community to maintain mutual understanding, respect and trust, and to work together to improve the quality of education for District students. The Board intends, through this two-way communication, to identify the community's concerns, needs and suggestions, and to be responsive to the community through the Board's actions.

The Board also recognizes that the public offers resources of training and experience useful to schools. The quality of the District's operations and programs can be strengthened when these resources are used in an advisory capacity.

The Board, with assistance from the administration, shall determine the appropriate strategy when utilizing the community engagement process.

The Board, in consultation with the Superintendent, shall identify a team of individuals who will be responsible for developing, implementing and delivering a community engagement program.

After the community engagement process is concluded, the Board shall make the final decision regarding an issue.

The Board shall annually assess the effectiveness of the community engagement program.

The Board directs the administration to develop and implement a planned program of community engagement that regularly provides opportunities for students, parents/guardians, families, residents, business and community organizations to participate in dialogues and decision-making related to district-wide and school-based issues.

The administration shall develop and use varied, effective communication methods to ensure that all community members receive information about District and school programs and the available opportunities to become actively involved.

The Board and administration shall give substantial weight to the input received from the community. When evaluating the community's suggestions, the Board and administration will consider the impact of the District's goals, operation, educational programs, and financial resources. Recommendations made by the community shall not reduce the authority or the responsibility of the Board, which may accept or reject such recommendations.

The District shall communicate to the community the Board's decision and its rational regarding an issue involving community engagement.

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